Our Mushroom Science

Our world class facilities ensure good quality mushrooms from farm to plate

The growth cycle of a White Prince Mushroom:

Mycelium is used to produce mushroom spawn (normally grown on rye or millet seed).This is mixed with mushroom substrate to grow the White Prince mushrooms.

A mushroom is a fungi and derives its food source from organic matter (mushroom substrate). Not being a fruit or vegetable, mushrooms have many benefits that fruit and vegetables do not have.

Mushroom substrate production for growing mushrooms has become a sophisticated technology. The substrate is produced under a weather protected environment which is technically controlled. This helps us produce a quality and consistent product no matter what the weather or season.

 Substrate is made from wheat straw and poultry manure and other organic materials.

All the recycled materials are mixed together, watered and turned regularly to compost.

Aeration is done using a, forced air computer controlled system.

The mushroom substrate is put into tunnels and pasteurised to kill any diseases and pests and ensure no contamination.

The substrate is then transferred to the White Prince farms. The farms control temperature, humidity and oxygen levels. At every stage of the process, the environment is precision controlled and strict hygiene measures are rigorously enforced. This allows us to produce high quality mushrooms.

Each bed yields up to 3 crops ”flushes” of mushrooms over a period of 4 weeks.

Each crop or flush is harvested by hand. It can take up to six months to build speed and accuracy to harvest mushrooms. A special training programme has been developed by the Tolson family to train their staff to bring quality White Prince mushrooms from farm to plate.

The used substrate is sold mainly to landscapers, nurseries and home gardeners.

White Prince mushrooms are low in fat and kilojoules and a tasty and nutritious food. Our controlled environment friendly, sustainable mushroom farms, ensure that fresh mushrooms are available all year round.

White Prince is a long-term player in the Australian mushroom industry. We have a proud heritage and we can see an exciting future ahead.