We provide fresh, exotic Shimeji Mushrooms, pre-packed for your convenience.

Botanical name: Lypohylium or Pleurotus species
Common name: Pioppini, Beech, Hon-Shimeji

A Japanese variety that grows naturally on fallen oak, beech and elm trees. Only one variety is cultivated and available fresh in Australia.  Shimeji grows in tight bunches joined at the bottom of their stems. The stems are almost white, with small brown-grey caps that become paler as the mushroom matures. The stem has a meaty taste and firm texture.

Shimeji should always be cooked: it is not the best mushroom to serve raw as it has a slightly bitter taste, which disappears once cooked.

It is mainly used for Japanese cuisine but is a great accompaniment  with wild game, seafood, soups, stews and sauces.

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