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“Our passion is excellence in all that we do”.

The Tolson group of companies are a fourth generation family-owned and vertically integrated agribusiness with a passion for excellence. Located in the Hawkesbury District on the outskirts of north-western Sydney.


Bert and Beryl Tolson

Bert and Beryl Tolson

It all began with Bert and Beryl Tolson. They are a classic Australian story of hard work, risk taking and nous. Bert grew asparagus in the early 1950’s and was the only grower in the Sydney market till 1965.  Bert and Beryl, Rob and Norah branched out in 1961 to develop the team that you see today. 

Rob Tolson is highly respected, seen as a visionary, focused and pioneering. Rob and Norah’s sons are Robert, Kevin and David and each son brings with them the same strong committed attitude, expert knowledge and passion for bringing high quality White Prince Mushrooms and Asparagus to our Australian homes.

The respective Tolson family companies employ over 550 people, many who have been with us for years and some that are third generation.

That commitment and pride from the family is also found in their respective family company employees, who work together in high performance teams; on a daily basis our teams produce substrate (compost), grow, harvest, package and distribute quality White Prince mushrooms. We are an integral partner with asparagus growers and leading supplier of berries, salad and other imported vegetables.