Mini Asparagus

We provide top quality, fresh mini asparagus

Green mini asparagus are the even younger shoots of the common green asparagus. They have a more subtle flavor.

Available in 100 g bunches


  • Look for firm, bright smooth, spears of uniform size with closed, compact tips.
  • Do not wash asparagus before storing and never soak it.
  • Keep asparagus fresher for longer, wrap it in a damp tea towel, pop in a plastic bag and store in the crisper compartment of your fridge.
  • Stand the fresh spears upright in a container with 1cm cold water, cover and store it in the refrigerator.


  • Fresh asparagus, when cooked right, can be a lovely addition to almost any meal. It’s crisp, earthy flavor is undeniably unique and tasty!
  •  Asparagus is perfect steamed, sautéed or even just grilled. It taste amazing with lemon, olive oil and salt.
  • Frittatas, stir-fries, canapés, soup, fritters, pizza or microwaved