We provide fresh, tasty, Oyster Mushrooms, pre-packed for your convenience.

Botanical name: Pleurotus osreatus
Common name: Pleurotus, Pleurote, Tree Oyster, Abalone

 Fluted, oyster-shell shape. Numerous species/varieties ranging from pearly-white to yellow, pink, grey-brown and purplish-brown are available in Australia. Oyster mushrooms have a soft texture, with a succulent flesh. Can be eaten raw or cooked. Delicate, subtle flavour and velvety texture which rapidly absorbs other flavours during cooking.

Available in 150g punnet:



  • Use whole, sliced or diced, depending on the size. More perishable than other varieties, use within 1–2 days of purchase.
  • Best cooked quickly over high heat. Team well with seafood, chicken, veal and pork. Add to soups and noodle dishes, or crumb and deep-fry.