We provide fresh, exotic, Shitake Mushrooms, pre-packed for your convenience

Botanical name: Lentinus edodes
Common name: Oak, Oak Brown, Golden Oak, Chinese Black, Black Winter, Oriental Black, Black Forest, Forest, Danko, Shiang Ku

First cultivated in China before being introduced to Japan where they were cultivated on the shii tree from which their name is derived. Fresh shiitake mushrooms are now grown fresh in Australia. Broad, tan to dark brown umbrella-shaped cap with tan gills and slender stems. Soft spongy, texture with leathery stem with a distinctive aroma. Meaty flavour and texture when cooked.

Storage: Trim and remove stalk. Slice or dice the cap.

Flavour intensifies the longer they’re cooked. Match with stronger flavoured meats such as duck, venison or aged beef. Also suitable for stir-fries, braises, soups and sauces

Available in 100g punnet: