Brown Sliced

We provide fresh brown mushrooms, pre-sliced, for your convenience.

Consume mushrooms as quickly as possible so they don’t wind up in the compost bin. Sliced mushrooms are even more delicate than their whole counterparts, so time is key when storing them.
Store in original packaging.
Soup, sauces, pizza, stir-fries.

Available in 200g punnet:


  • SAUTEED – Cook whole, halved, quartered or sliced mushrooms by tossing quickly in butter or olive oil in a hot frying pan for 2 to 3 minutes. Season as desired. Serve as a meal accompaniment or add to recipe as required. A touch of sour cream makes a delicious sauce.
  • CASSEROLES – Add whole, halved or sliced brown mushrooms to casseroles whether the sauce is light and creamy or dark and rich to enhance the flavour. If sautéing first, add towards the end of cooking
  • SOUPS – Sauté sliced mushrooms with other ingredients in a little butter for a few minutes. Cook in a stock until ingredients are tender and finish with a little cream. For a smooth soup, use a food processor to puree the mixture. Return to pan and finish with a little milk or cream.
  • SAUCES – Sauteed sliced brown mushrooms, add great flavour to sauces and gravies.